SEO Company New York

Finding an efficient provider of SEO services New York or in any other city is quite tedious. It becomes tougher when it comes to optimize the website of start-up or small scale business. Integrity Software is one such upcoming digital marketing company that promises the up gradation of your business through the means of optimization. Integrity provides you the best development and online marketing services at affordable rates. Moreover, we also customize our services according to the requirements and the budget of the consumer.

Integrity Soft ware’s Inc is located at Glen Oaks, NY. Founded in 2019, by Mr. Vandit Anand, the firm is an accomplished one in transforming the business goals into digital solutions. Graduated from NYIT (New York Institute of Technology), he himself is a Microsoft Certified Professional and proved his caliber in innumerous SEO Company New York. The Integrity Team prioritizes the client’s satisfaction over any other task.


To achieve the task successfully, we have:

  • Dedicated team of experts.
  • Have team for various tasks but all are driven to exclusive goal.
  • We customize our services according to the customer’s budget and deliver them without quality compromise.
  • Quality assurance and testing services are embodied along every software development process without any additional cost.

Why Integrity?

  • Visible results from first month onwards: You will notice considerable improvement from first month onwards. Our skilled professionals make sure to boost your rankings to the predecessor pages with the help of customized strategy and latest techniques.
  • Our certified SEO experts have minimum 7 plus years of experience in the New York SEO services and are well aware of all the recent trends. Thus customers need to set worry aside and leave the rest upon us.
  • Our budget friendly packages will give you utter satisfaction of the great improvement done to digital enterprise without costing any extra bucks.
  • Our result oriented techniques are bound to deliver the long-lasting effect that you will see even after the completion of the task.
  • We are the privacy constrained NY SEO services providers and thus prefer to work for one enterprise in a section of time therefore avoiding your direct competitor.
  • We maintain confounded transparency within our customers and give them regular updates, our firm assigns a separate SEO manager to each and every project that delivers the timely progress and discusses the upcoming strategy to be implemented. Therefore, leaving no space for any hustle and bustle.

Services we provide

  • On- page optimization: Our experts are well aware of the ongoing criteria of Goggle. They also know the past guidelines and thus optimize your site by customizing your requirements however; they also make sure that your site will never get banned while performing the tactics.
  • Goggle Analytics: Goggle analytics doesn’t play an important role in SEO New York City but its estimations are considered in many major territories. We recommend you the changes to be made further in the website based on the types of viewers that visits your site frequently. This might change the whole look out of your site and proves to be the beneficiary app.
  • Schema implantation: We are the pioneer of New York SEO Services that masters the implementation of Schema Markup on your website so that the result pages show related information whenever the content is searched.
  • Loading time optimization: Websites having less loading time are likely to get higher page ranking compared to those having more loading time. We optimize the website such that it won’t take long time for loading.
  • Responsive site: Mobiles are the integral part of the life nowadays. Developing a responsive site of the business is the need of today. We provide the best SEO services New York optimize the site that is compatible for desktops, laptops and mobile.
  • Content optimization: Our highly qualified content writers will develop content that helps to optimize for site for better results. Apart from that we also create quality blogs and articles that benefit your site.
  • Social Media promotion: We also circulate your content to all the popular social media platforms. According to experts, social media tends to give more sales in recent times when compared to normal search.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is SEO?
    It is the process of using onsite and offsite tactics to help get content by search engine.
  2. What is keyword research?
    It is the process by which we can search popular search terms. It is very important for NY SEO services providers and other digital marketing agencies.
  3. What is link building?
    It is a strategy by which the expert gets the links to increase the page’s link equity.
  4. Which SEO techniques are popular?
    All are important but link building, keyword research, site audits and On-page SEO is some important tactics to name a few.
  5. Is SEO dead?
    SEO is not dead and will not die until the way of searching the terms will turn dramatically.