Knockout.Js Development

Knockout.JS is a standalone and an open source framework. It works on JavaScript implementation of the Mode-View- View Model pattern. Knockout.JS helps developers to integrate the HTML elements with model data, establish the relationship among them and transform it into a useful outcome.

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Main features of Knockout.JS

  • Dependency Tracking: Creates the relationship between HTML elements and model data, merge them and convert them into fruitful outcome.
  • Automatic update: It provides the facility to refresh the UI automatically whenever the data-model’s state changes.
  • Easy bindings: It easily combines the DOM elements with model data using a brief and readable syntax.
  • Template generation: It creates lucrative UIs as a function of your model data.

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Benefits of Knockout.Js

  • Elegant Dependency Tracking
  • Declarative Bindings
  • Event-driven Programming Model
  • Variable Observation
  • Support Mainstream Browser
  • Fully Documented
  • Authentic JavaScript Library
  • Built-in Templating
  • More Reliable