Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the cotemporary framework of advertising field. It not only increases the success rate of an enterprise but also boost up its survival scale. Integrity Software is one such digital marketing agency New York that promises the up gradation of your business through the means of optimization. Integrity provides you the best development and online marketing services at affordable rates. We also customize our services according to your requirements and the budget offered.

Integrity Soft ware’s Inc is located at Glen Oaks, NY. Founded in 2019, by Mr. Vandit Anand, the firm is an accomplished one in transforming the business goals into digital solutions. Graduated from NYIT (New York Institute of Technology), he himself is a Microsoft Certified Professional and proved his caliber in innumerous digital marketing company New York. The Integrity Team prioritizes the client’s satisfaction over any other task.

To achieve their task successfully, we have:

  • Dedicated team of experts.

  • Have team for various tasks but all are driven to exclusive goal.

  • We customize our services according to the customer’s budget and deliver them without quality compromise

  • Quality assurance and testing services are embodied along every software development process without any additional cost.


Our services

We are full-fledged digital marketing agency NYC, expert in achieving the online marketing goals of the clients with the latest strategies and execute them in the brief amount of time.

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is an online measure that helps you increase the website traffic and ranking. We ensure you the maximum benefit with the means of:
    • Highlighting the best of your firm to get it noticed by vast number of audience.
    • Raising the rate of visibility through tried and tested techniques.
    • Increasing the conversion rates to convert the frequent visitors into customers.
    • Strategies like link reputation, on-page and off-page optimization, structured data implementation and reporting are followed by experienced professionals to get the highest possible ranking.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is needless to say is one of the most influential and omnipotent platform of 21st century. It connects almost every business domain. From local to global, you will find all the carrel at one place. At Integrity:
    • We provide promotion services within all the social media platforms like FaceBook, Pintrest, Instagram and others popular SM across the globe.
    • We help you reach the large number of targeted audience.
    • All the techniques are verified and authenticated by experienced professionals.
    • We help you become Influencer by boosting your overall visibility.
  • Content writing and marketing: There is no wonder, content is still the baron of digital world and will continue to be so. We come across many business niches that we don’t know about. For that, we research a lot about the industry and understand the requirements of your audience and try to convert them into promising customers. We create the content accordingly and promote it effectively. We provide:
    • Strategy oriented content developed by certified experts.
    • Cost effective and fits easily to your budget.
    • Plagiarism and error free writing.
    • Powerful branding of the product through content marketing.
    • We create contents for the website, blogs, articles, product-reviews and copy writing.
  • E-commerce marketing: Those who closely follow the internet trends know how this word holds its significance in the digital world. It refers to the trading of goods using online transaction as the payment mode. This mode of marketing is used to raise the number of customers irrespective of territorial boundaries. We owe one of the best digital marketing services New York that:
    • Iterates the traffic as many times as possible.
    • Getting sufficient amount of link building.
    • If you already have an e-commerce store than we help you to promote it.
    • Provide customized strategy for e-commerce promotion.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is digital marketing?
    It is a type of marketing that aims to promote the product through the medium of internet. The loci of digital marketing are to perform the activities such as search engine optimization, developing various apps, using social media etc.
  2. Would my business benefit from digital marketing?
    Sure it will. As the digitalization might take some time, avoiding the internet marketing may block your business to get the access from the majority of customers.
  3. How often should I update my website?
    Websites with long period and no updates are said to perform well as compared to the one that updates regularly.
  4. What’s better? A short content or the long one?
    While short content is good for the platforms like social media, long ones will do better for a search purpose.
  5. What is conversion rate optimization?
    CRO is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from your web page.